Everything You Need To Know About: Baylor Line Camp

With move-in day quickly approaching I can’t help but get excited for my very own Baylor experience. Although, I have not moved on campus and begun my life as a doe-eyed college freshman, I have already been thoroughly introduced to my new home. Baylor Line Camp is so impactful for a student moving into a new community with very little experience in the “real” world. Going into it I had no idea what to expect. That being said… in this post I want to share my Baylor Line Camp experience with you guys.

Disclaimer** I am not going to talk about all of the main events just in case there are some future line campers reading. I don’t want to spoil all the fun surprises.


To begin, I walked up to the table for Sign-In and they were automatically handing out free stuff. They had t-shirts, water bottles, backpacks, basically all the Baylor swag that you could possibly need throughout the week. Automatically I have the feeling that this is not just a sleepover in the dorms and play group bonding games kind of thing. After turning in my phone and getting my name tag my mom walked with me to my room and we said our goodbyes; however, my roommate Rebecca had already started talking to me about classes and helping me put my sheets on my lofted bed (this was much more of a challenge than you’d expect).  As soon as our other roommate Emma arrived, we all began talking and having a great time laughing about literally everything. I already felt right at home.

Day 1

We were assigned our groups and headed to our hallway to get to know each other and I’m not going to lie and act like I didn’t feel extremely uncomfortable and nervous. All of us were pretty quiet at first but our leader, Clay, had us all introduce ourselves and play a few ice-breaker games to help us open up and make us laugh. After dinner all of the groups went to the practice football field to play team games which was super fun and very competitive. Then we were introduced to one of the best parts of line camp that I am not going to elaborate on too much for the sake of surprise. After the reveal we had “Family Time” which is where our group leader would sit with our group and ask questions to all of us. We would openly talk about things such as what we expect from Baylor, why we chose Baylor, and even what we consider our strengths. It honestly got pretty deep by the end of camp and we really did become a family. We finally all went to our rooms and got ready for bed; however, the showers only had cold water and it never warmed up the entire time we were there. After a while I got over it and went to bed.

Day 2

This day began with breakfast and then off to a sort of seminar about our Story and Calling. It really touched on perspective and how to use your perspective to shape your Baylor Story into what you want it to be. It was very impactful yet interactive. Next, was small group time spent talking with Clay about everything under the sun and then lunch. After lunch was the trip to Independence, Texas. I’m not going to elaborate a lot on this, but just know that it was so welcoming and emotional. That “Welcome home.” from Clay made me feel like I had found my place and that it was at Baylor. We then returned to campus and made a few more memories before going to bed.

Day 3

We started with breakfast and then sat down for Family Time with Clay. We talked about our experience in Independence and everyone was much more open and willing to share, especially me. I really changed my perspective about Baylor from here on out solely based on my Line Camp family and how close we had gotten over two days. We then headed to a seminar about friendship that touched on how to be a good and intent friend. This was my favorite of the two seminars just because it was much more light-hearted and the speaker was great. Then we headed to lunch and off to spend time with our group. We then had time to get ready for the banquet and walked over there. We had a really great meal and some advice from all of our leaders that made the night really special. We then had our final celebration. I don’t want to spoil anything, but just know that we stayed up really late and ate a lot of pizza. Me, my roommate, and some of my other new friends spent the night walking around campus and making a lot of fun memories together.

Day 4

Of course, there was breakfast and then we had our final Family Time. This was sad for most of us because we had all just gotten close and were now going to be separated for a couple of months. However, we talked about our overall experience and said our final goodbyes. Finally, we got our phones back to exchange numbers and social media so that we could stay in touch.

Overall Baylor Line Camp was the perfect welcoming experience into this new stage of my life. Despite the cold showers and initial awkwardness, I learned a lot from Line Camp. I learned that it is not as hard to make friends as it seems and that anyone is willing to get coffee with you at some point. Also, everyone is just as nervous as you, so don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and ask them to grab lunch one day. Most likely they were thinking the same thing and were just as afraid to ask. So thank you Baylor Line Camp (and Clay along with  my group) for making me feel like I belong to that good ole Baylor line.

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