6 Things Every College Care Package Needs

I have many new friends at Baylor who always seem to ask how I stay so close with my friends at home. As a response I tell them it all started by asking these questions: How will me and my besties stay connected over distance? Will I accidentally replace them with my college friends? “Will they replace me? I mean let’s face it, I’ve been planning my future wedding with them as my bridesmaids since I was eight. I can’t have my Vegas bachelorette party without my besties. After a lot of thinking it through and living it out, I have reached a conclusion that gives me a piece of mind.

Being truly connected is different than just a casual text conversation. It requires intent and effort from all aspects. In the age of technology there are many ways to stay connected through social media. It’s obvious that you shouldn’t just give them a birthday shout out on Twitter and that a call would be more intentional. However, I will not feel guilty about liking all their posts and sharing funny tweets with them in my spare time. Social media and technology also bring some other good options to the table. FaceTime is definitely a help when I need help from my math wiz friend or even when I need to see a familiar face. Also, now that FaceTime has group calls, there are a few “family reunions” late at night over the phone. We also can’t leave out the classic group messaging. I mean honestly who knew how influential the ability to talk to each other at all times of the day would be on our friendship.

Wait!! What happens if the world starts ending and there is no service? I know that’s not likely, but hey you never know. Writing and receiving hand-written notes always hits your emotions on a different level. It just shows the intention of connection and emphasizes the meaning of whatever it is you have to say. I may even send a care package here and there *wink wink to my besties that are reading this*. Even though I’m BROKE I know my friends will appreciate the dollar aisle socks from Target as much as I would. So without further ado... 

Here are The 6 Things Every Care Package Needs

1) Food

Every college student is hungry. No matter how many dining dollars they have the odds are they used them all last week. Therefore, food is essential in a care package. My favorite foods that are perfect for mailing are Skinny Pop Mini Cakes and any kind of sweets that I wouldn't normally buy on my own (AKA cookies).

2) Gift Cards

 If you really love me you'll send me shopping. As a college student I don't often go out to my favorite stores and blow some money. This makes an American Eagle or Sephora gift card the perfect addition to any care package.

3) Something Cuddly

Whenever I think of care I think of comfort, and whenever I think of comfort I think of cuddly. This means anything from fuzzy socks to a soft blanket. This could even be something that reminds you of home like a stuffed animal that looks like your dog. The limits are endless. Get creative with this one.

4) Things that are actually useful

Things that fall into this category usually aren't as fun, but are equally appreciated. Body wash, a new loufah, maybe even a fresh toothbrush could all fall into this category. You never know when they run out of soap. They likely have never had to buy soap and may not even know they're out. Therefore maybe include out of caution. But hey who knows... maybe they've become responsible and it will be used later. Either way it will not go to waste.

5) School Spirit

Maybe include something that they can use that is their school colors and that they can sport around campus. This could be anything from a shirt, to a notebook, or even a water bottle. If their school is anything Baylor, you can never go wrong with school spirit.

6) A personal note

Write a note to your recipient. Whether it be a friend or your child a hand written note always hits different. Let them know how things are going in your life and encourage them to keep in touch with you. Bottom line... let them know you care.

The best way to ensure lifelong connection is intent. As long as we are persistent and focused on our connection there is no way anything will weaken our bond. I have met amazing people at Baylor and I have so much fun reaching out and trying new things, but as the quote goes “You can’t make old friends”.

So guys I’ll see y’all in Vegas!

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